To remain in compliance with the licensing models of products that you use with vSphere, you must remove all unassigned licenses from the inventory. If you have divided, combined, or upgraded licenses in Customer Connect, you must remove the old licenses.

For example, suppose that you have upgraded a vSphere license from 6.7 to 7.0 in Customer Connect. You assign the license to ESXi 7.0 hosts. After assigning the new vSphere 7.0 licenses, you must remove the old vSphere 6.7 license from the inventory.


  • To view and manage licenses in the vSphere environment, you must have the Global.Licenses privilege on the vCenter Server system, where the vSphere Client runs.


  1. Click Menu > Administration.
  2. Expand Licensing and click Licenses.
  3. Select the Licenses tab.
  4. Use the filters to display only the unassigned licenses.
  5. Click the filter icon (Click Filter) in the State column.
    A text box appears.
  6. Select what licenses you want to display (unassigned or assigned).
  7. Select a license to remove or press Ctrl+A to select all licenses.
  8. Click Remove Licenses, review the confirmation message, and click Yes.