You can provide suggestions for new features or share feature requests through the vSphere Ideas portal. The vSphere Ideas portal is integrated with and all users with valid Customer Connect accounts can access the portal.

The vSphere Ideas portal is public. When you publish new ideas and feature requests, consider whether you want to share personal data.

You can access the vSphere Ideas portal directly by going to and entering a valid Customer Connect user name and password.

Alternatively, you can access the vSphere Ideas portal by using the vSphere Client.


Verify that you have a valid Customer Connect account.


  1. On the vSphere Client home page, click the feedback icon in the top-right corner.
  2. In the Send Feedback dialog box, click Idea.
  3. Click Visit ideas portal.
    You are redirected to and prompted to log in.
  4. On the Customer Connect login page, enter a valid user name and password.
    You are redirected to .
  5. On the vSphere Ideas portal home page, click Add a new idea.
  6. On the Add a new idea page, enter the details about your idea and click Share idea.


Your idea appears in the Recent tab. All users of the vSphere Ideas portal can view, subscribe, vote, and comment on your idea.