If you are using a Supervisor Cluster in evaluation mode, you must assign the cluster a Tanzu edition license before the 60 day evaluation period expires.

Note: If the evaluation period of a Supervisor Cluster expires, or the Tanzu edition license expires, as a vSphere administrator you cannot create any new namespaces on the Supervisor Cluster, or update the Kubernetes version of the cluster. As a DevOps engineer, you cannot create new vSphere Pods, VMs, and Tanzu Kubernetes clusters. You cannot update the configuration of the existing Tanzu Kubernetes clusters, such as adding new nodes. All Kubernetes workloads that are already deployed continue their normal operation and you can deploy new workloads on the existing Tanzu Kubernetes clusters.


  1. In the vSphere Client, navigate to the Supervisor Cluster.
  2. Select Configure and under Licensing select Supervisor Cluster.
  3. Select Assign License.
  4. In the Assign License dialog, click New License.
  5. Enter a valid license key and click OK.