You can select an inventory object, and while holding the left mouse button you can drag it to another object. Drag is an alternative way to initiate operations that are available in the context menu, such as Move To and Migrate.

For completing some drag operations, you do not need to perform any additional actions. For completing others, you might have to go through a wizard.


  1. On the vSphere Client home page, select an inventory list.
    The inventory tree appears.
  2. Select the object to move and drag it to a destination object.
    The mouse pointer changes depending on whether you can drop the object to the object you currently point to.
    Table 1. Mouse Icons Indicating Possible Drag Operations
    Icon Description
    Pointer indicates possible drop of object You can drop the object that you are dragging into this object.
    Pointer indicates impossible drop of object You cannot drop the object that you are dragging into this object.
  3. Drop the object on the destination object.
    A task starts in the Recent Tasks pane.
  4. If a wizard opens, follow the prompts to complete the drag operation.


The object is moved to the destination object that you selected.