VMware vCloud® Suite combines multiple components into a single product to cover the entire set of cloud infrastructure capabilities. When used together, the vCloud Suite components provide virtualization, software-defined data center services, policy-based provisioning, disaster recovery, application management, and operations management.

A vCloud Suite edition combines components such as vSphere, vCloud Director, vCloud Networking and Security, and others, under a single license. vCloud Suite editions are licensed on per-CPU basis. Many of the vCloud Suite components are also available as standalone products licensed on per-virtual machine basis. However, when these components are obtained through vCloud Suite, they are licensed on per-CPU basis.

The components from a vCloud Suite edition are activated with a single license key. For example, if you have a license key for vCloud Suite Standard, you assign the same key to all assets that will run vCloud Suite. For example, such assets include ESXi hosts, vCloud Automation Center, vCloud Director, and others.

All virtual machines running on a CPU licensed with a vCloud Suite edition can use all components included in that vCloud Suite edition. You can run unlimited number of virtual machines on the CPUs that are licensed with a vCloud Suite edition. To run virtual machines on CPUs that are not licensed for vCloud Suite, you need individual licenses for the products that you want to use.

For more information about the licensing model of vCloud Suite, see the vCloud Suite documentation.