You can use sortable columns and input filters to sort and find objects in your vSphere Client inventory that meet certain criteria.

You can sort list views by column. These list views can be selected in the Global Inventory Lists pane or found in search results.

From a list view, you can use the Filter field to filter objects.

For example, you can sort virtual machines by name, provisioned space, used space, and so on. You can filter them by name, state, status, and so on.


  1. In the vSphere Client home page, select Global Inventory Lists.
  2. To open an object list view, select an object type from the list.
    If objects from the selected type are not present in the inventory, a blank page appears.
  3. (Optional) Click the column you want to sort objects by. You can click again on that column to reverse the sorting order.
  4. Add or remove columns from the object list view:
    1. Click the Pick columns icon (Select which columns to show in the object list view.) at the bottom left corner of the object list view.
      The Show Columns pop-up appears.
    2. (Optional) To show a column in the object list view, select the check box for the column from the list.
    3. (Optional) To hide a column from the object list view, deselect the check box for the column from the list.
  5. (Optional) To filter the inventory objects, enter your filtering parameter in the filter field in the right upper corner of the inventory object list table. For example, in the virtual machine list view, to filter for all virtual machines that are in a powered on state, you must type powered on.
    A list of inventory objects that meet your filtering criteria is displayed in your selected sorting order.

What to do next

After you apply a filter to an object list, the filter is active during the login session. To clear the filtered list of inventory objects, delete the filter criteria from the filter field.