With the storage workflows, you can perform storage-related operations.

Add datastore on iSCSI/FC/local SCSI
Creates a datastore on a Fibre Channel, iSCSI or local SCSI disk. Only disks that are not in use by an existing VMFS are applicable to new datastore creation. The new datastore allocates the maximum available space of the specified disk.
Add datastore on NFS
Adds a datastore on an NFS server.
Add iSCSI target
Adds iSCSI targets to a vCenter Server host. The targets can be of the type Send or Static.
Create VMFS for all available disks
Creates a VMFS volume for all available disks of a specified host.
Delete datastore
Deletes datastores from a vCenter Server host.
Delete iSCSI target
Deletes already configured iSCSI targets. The targets can be of type Send or Static.
Disable iSCSI adapter
Disables the software iSCSI adapter of a specified host.
Display all datastores and disks
Displays the existing datastores and available disks on a specified host.
Enable iSCSI adapter
Enables an iSCSI adapter.
List all storage adapters
Lists all storage adapters of a specified host.