To update your vCenter license inventory with the license keys details in your Customer Connect environment, generate a Products, Licenses, Details, and History .CSV file in your Customer Connect reports section. Upload the .CSV file to vSphere.

The .CSV file is a list of keys that are active keys in Customer Connect. The .CSV file contains up-to-date license keys information from your Customer Connect environment, including the account name and number, the product for which the license is purchased, the license quantity, various license key notes, the support level, the license support and license coverage end date, the order number, history data, and so on.


  1. Log in to
  2. On the Customer Connect home page, click Products and Accounts in the top left corner.
  3. Select Accounts and click Reports.
  4. In the Select a Report section, click Available Reports and select Products and Licenses Details from the drop down menu.
  5. In the Select Accounts section, select the account, for which you want to generate the report or select the check box .
  6. (Optional) Enter a name for your report.
  7. (Optional) Add notes to include in your report.
  8. (Optional) To receive an email when the report is ready, select the Send email when report is created check box All Accounts to select all available accounts.
  9. Click Create and click OK.
    Your report request is submitted and when the report is ready, you can download it from the list of saved reports.
  10. To download the .CSV file that you must import to vSphere, in the Saved Reports section, click the CSV icon next to your report.
    Do not change the formatting of the original .CSV file report. For information how to preview the .CSV file report and view the data without damaging the .CSV file, see Using CSV Files.