You can export licensing information about vSphere licenses, products, or assets. The information is saved on your local system as a .CSV file. You can later open the .CSV file with third-party applications.


  • To view and manage licenses in the vSphere environment, you must have the Global.Licenses privilege on the vCenter Server system, where the vSphere Client runs.


  1. Click Menu > Administration.
  2. Expand Licensing and click Licenses.
  3. (Optional) Select an item to export.
    • Click the Licenses tab to select one or more licenses to export.
    • Click the Products tab to select a product to export.
    • Click the Assets tab to select the vCenter Server instance, hosts, clusters, or solutions whose licensing information you want to export.
    If you do not select a particular license, product, or asset, all items from the respective list are exported.
    Option Description
    vSphere Client
    1. (Optional) If you select an asset, specify the asset information to export by using the Filter () icon below the list of assets.
    2. To export the selected item or items, click Export > Selected Rows.
    3. To export all items of the respective type, click Export > All Rows.
    4. Click OK to save the file on your local system.