You can export licensing information about vSphere licenses, products, or assets. The information is saved on your local system as a .CSV file. You can later open the .CSV file with third-party applications.


  • To view and manage licenses in the vSphere environment, you must have the Global.Licenses privilege on the vCenter Server system, where the vSphere Client runs.


  1. Click Menu > Administration.
  2. Expand Licensing and click Licenses.
  3. (Optional) Select an item to export.
    • Click the Licenses tab to select one or more licenses to export.
    • Click the Products tab to select a product to export.
    • Click the Assets tab to select the vCenter Server instance, hosts, clusters, or solutions whose licensing information you want to export.
    If you do not select a particular license, product, or asset, all items from the respective list are exported.
  4. Export the items.
    When prompted, save the CSV file on your file system.
    • If you selected one or more items to export, click Export and select Selected Rows.
    • If you selected one or more items but you want to export all items, click Export and select All Rows.
    • If you selected no items, click Export.