You can view information about the runs of a single workflow such as start and end date, state of the workflow, and user who has started the workflow.


  • Verify that you have configured at least one Orchestrator server to work with the same Single Sign-On instance to which vCenter Server is pointing. You must also ensure that Orchestrator is registered as a vCenter Serverextension. You register Orchestrator as a vCenter Server extension when you specify a user account that has the necessary privileges to manage vCenter Server extensions. For more information, see Installing and Configuring VMware vRealize Orchestrator.
  • Run the specific Orchestrator workflow at least once.


  1. In the object navigator, click vRealize Orchestrator.
  2. Under Inventory Lists, click Workflows.
    A list of the available workflows appears.
  3. Click the name of a workflow, and click the Monitor tab.
    A list of workflow runs appears.

What to do next

You can review the list of workflow runs, cancel a running workflow, or respond to a workflow that requires interaction.