API Explorer retrieves available vSphere REST APIs from a selected endpoint to give you information and context around API calls.


  1. On the vSphere Client home page, click Developer Center and select the API Explorer tab.
  2. From the Select Endpoint drop-down menu, select an endpoint from the environment.
  3. From the Select API drop-down menu, select an API. The listed APIs are the ones publicly provided by the API explorer in vCenter Server.
  4. (Optional) You can use the filter text box to filter your results. For example, enter health to view a list of methods related to monitoring the health of the selected API.
  5. Select an API category from the list.
  6. Select a method from the list.
    You can review deprecated APIs by using the toggle button next to each method from the list. Avoid using deprecated APIs. Deprecated APIs might become unresponsive in the future and cause unexpected failures in your automation scripts.
    Detailed information about the method appears.
  7. If a section about parameter details appears for the selected method, enter a method parameter value in the Value text box.
  8. (Optional) To invoke the method against the live environment, click Execute.
    1. If a warning dialog box appears, click Yes.
    The result for the invoked method appears in the response box.
  9. (Optional) To copy the result for the invoked method to your clipboard, click Copy Response.
  10. (Optional) To download the result for the invoked method, click Download.