When you convert your vCenter Servers to subscription, the vSphere Client shows your subscription information.


  • Your vCenter Server instance must be converted to subscription.


  1. In the vSphere Client home page, from the Home menu, click Administration > Licensing & Subscription.
  2. Navigate to the licensing and subscription information.
    1. Click Licenses to view the license information about your vCenter Server.

      Since your vCenter Server is on subscription, you no longer need to add license keys for the vCenter Server instance and the ESXi hosts.

      You can assign licenses only to some assets, such as vSphere with Tanzu and VMware Site Recovery Manager. You license assets in the same way as for a vSphere environment using licensing.

      Note: When your vCenter Server is on subscription, the Assets tab no longer contains tabs that group the different VMware products. Instead, all assets to which you can assign a license are displayed in one pane.
    2. Click Subscriptions to view the subscription information for your vCenter Server instance.

      In the Subscription pane, click View current usage to open the VMC Console and view your current subscription usage. See vSphere+ Documentation.

      To view your billing information in the VMware Cloud Services Console™, click View Billing. See the Billing & Subscription chapter in the Using VMware Cloud Services Console documentation.