You can use an OVF template to create a new vApp on a host or a cluster in your vSphere inventory.


  1. Navigate to Menu > Content Libraries.
  2. Open a content library by clicking its name, and click the Templates tab.
  3. Right-click a template of a vApp and select New vApp from This Template.
    The New vApp from Content Library wizard opens.
  4. On the Select a name and folder page, enter a name and select a location for the vApp, and click Next.
  5. On the Select a compute resource page, select a host, a cluster, a resource pool, or a vApp to deploy the vApp to and click Next.
  6. On the Review details page, verify the template details and click Next.
  7. On the Select storage page, select disk format and a storage resource for the vApp.
  8. On the Select networks page, select a destination network for each source network.
  9. On the Ready to complete page, review the configurations you made for the vApp, and click Finish.


A new task for creating the vApp appears in the Recent Tasks pane. After the task is complete, the new vApp is created.