All administrative functions are available through the vSphere Client .

The vSphere Client is a cross-platform application that can connect only to vCenter Server. It has a full range of administrative functionality and an extensible plug-in-based architecture. Typical users are virtual infrastructure administrators, help desk, network operations center operators, and virtual machine owners.

Users can use the vSphere Client to access vCenter Server through a Web browser. vSphere Client uses the VMware API to mediate the communication between the browser and the vCenter Server .

The vSphere Client introduces some productivity enhancements and usability improvements. Watch the following video to learn about the usability improvements to working with virtual machine hard disks.

What's New in the vSphere Client

Starting with vSphere 6.7 Update 1, you can have the following options in the vSphere Client.

  • You can use the quick action icons to perform common virtual machine tasks. The icons are displayed next to the virtual machine name on the top of each virtual machine management tab. You have the following quick action options.
    • Power On
    • Shut Down Guest OS
    • Launch Console
    • Edit Settings
    • Take Snapshot
  • You can install and use the VMware AppDefense plug-in to protect your applications and ensure endpoint security. The AppDefense plug-in becomes available with the VMware vSphere Platinum license. If you have the vSphere Platinum license, the AppDefense panel appears on the Summary tab for any virtual machine in your inventory. From that panel, you can install, upgrade, or view details about the AppDefense plug-in. For more information about VMware AppDefense, see the AppDefense documentation.