To install a guest operating system and its applications on a new virtual machine, you can connect the CD/DVD device to an ISO file that is stored on a datastore accessible to the host.

If an ISO image is not available on a local or shared datastore, upload the file to a datastore from your local system by using the datastore file browser. See Upload ISO Image Installation Media for a Guest Operating System.

To avoid performance issues and possible conflicts between virtual machines that might try to simultaneously access the ISO image, unmount and disconnect the ISO file when the installation finishes.


Verify that you have the following privileges:
  • Virtual machine .Interaction.Configure CD media on the virtual machine.
  • Datastore.Browse datastore on the datastore to which you upload the installation media ISO image.
  • Datastore.Low level file operations on the datastore to which you upload the installation media ISO image.


  1. Right-click a virtual machine in the inventory and select Edit Settings.
  2. Expand CD/DVD drive, and select Datastore ISO File from the drop-down menu.
    The Select File dialog box opens
  3. Browse to select the file and click OK.
  4. From the Virtual Device Node drop-down menu, select the node that the drive uses in the virtual machine.
  5. (Optional) Select Connect At Power On to connect the device when the virtual machine powers on.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Power on the virtual machine and click the Summary tab.
  8. Expand the VM Hardware panel and click the Connected icon next to the datastore ISO file to connect the device