If you want to replicate a single VM template from a publisher library to a subscriber, you can publish the item, and not the entire library.


Required privileges on the content library:
  • Content library.Publish a library item to its subscribers
  • Content library.Sync library item


  1. Navigate to the Content Libraries list.
  2. Open a local library by clicking its name.
  3. On the Templates tab, right-click a template of the VM template type and select Publish.
  4. In the Publish Template dialog box, select the subscribers to which to publish the selected template.
  5. Click OK.
    A publish task appears in the Recent Tasks pane.


After the publishing finishes, the item content and metadata are downloaded to the storage of the subscribed library. On the Templates tab for the subscription, the value for the item in the Stored Content Locally column changes to Yes.