Delete a previous version of a VM template if you no longer want to allow the use of the template. Deleting a VM template removes the template and its content from the inventory.


Required privileges:
  • Content Library.Delete library item


  1. To delete a previous version of a template:
    Option Action
    From a content library
    1. Navigate to Menu > Content Libraries.
    2. To open a local library, click its name.
    3. On the Templates tab, select a VM template.
    From the vSphere Client inventory
    1. Navigate to Menu > VMs and Templates and click the VM template.
    2. Click the Versioning tab.
  2. From the vertical timeline, navigate to the previous state of the VM template, click the horizontal ellipsis icon (horizontal ellipsis icon), and select Delete Version.
    The Confirm Delete dialog box opens.
  3. To delete permanently the VM template and its contents, click Yes.