To update or download the content of a library item in a subscribed library, you can synchronize the library item.

When you create a subscribed library, only the metadata for the library contents is downloaded to the associated storage if you selected the option to download library content only when needed. When you need to use a library item, you synchronize it to download its content to your local storage.

When you no longer need the item, you can delete the content of the item to free storage space. You continue to see the item in your subscribed library, but it no longer takes up space on your storage because only the item's metadata remains on the storage. For information about deleting an item, see Delete a Content Library Item.


Required privilege: Content library.Sync library item on the library item.


  1. Navigate to the Content Libraries list.
  2. Select a subscribed library from the list.
  3. Synchronize the item that you need to use.
    • On the Templates tab, right-click a template, and select Synchronize Item.
      Note: Synchronization is not available for VM templates. You can only synchronize OVF templates.
    • On the Other Types tab, right-click an item, and select Synchronize Item.


After the synchronization finishes, the item content and metadata are downloaded to the storage of the subscribed library. On the Templates tab for the subscribed library, the value for the item in the Stored Content Locally column changes to Yes.