After you check out a virtual machine from a template and update the virtual machine, you must check the virtual machine back into the VM template. When you check in the virtual machine to a template, you create a new version of the VM template containing the updated state of the virtual machine.

When you check in the virtual machine to the VM template, you allow the deployment of the last changes that you make to the virtual machine.


Verify that the virtual machine is powered off or suspended. You cannot check in a powered on virtual machine to a VM template.

Required privileges:
  • Content library.Check in a template


  1. To check in a virtual machine to a template:
    Option Action
    From a content library
    1. Navigate to Menu > Content Libraries.
    2. To open a content library, click its name.
    3. On the Templates tab, select a VM template and click Check in VM to template.
    From the vSphere Client inventory
    1. Navigate to Menu > VMs and Templates and click the VM template.
    2. Click the Versioning tab and in the vertical timeline view, click Check in VM to template.
    The Check in VM dialog box opens.
  2. To describe the change, enter a comment in Check in notes .
  3. Click Check in.


The updated version of the VM template appears in the vertical timeline. You can see the check-in comment, the name of the user who made the changes, and the date of the change.