If the latest VM template contains changes that you no longer want to keep or you made a mistake during your last checkin, you can revert the VM template to the previous version.


Required privileges:
  • Content library.Check in a template


  1. To revert to a previous version of a template:
    Option Action
    From a content library
    1. Navigate to Menu > Content Libraries.
    2. To open a local library, click its name.
    3. On the Templates tab, select a VM template.
    From the vSphere Client inventory
    1. Navigate to Menu > VMs and Templates and click the VM template.
    2. Click the Versioning tab.
  2. From the vertical timeline, navigate to the previous state of the VM template, click the horizontal ellipsis icon (horizontal ellipsis icon), and select Revert to This Version.
    The Revert to Version dialog box opens.
  3. Enter a reason for the revert operation and click Revert.


The VM template that you revert to becomes the current VM template.