Managing and keeping your virtual environment up-to-date might require you to update the content of a library item. For example, you can directly update a template when you want to add a patch to it, instead of deleting the existing template and creating a new one.

You cannot update the contents of a subscribed library. In local and published libraries, you can update only templates of the OVF Template type.


Verify that you have the Content Library Administrator role.


  1. Navigate to the Content Libraries list.
  2. Click a content library and select the file that you want to update.
    • From the Templates tab, right-click a template from the library, and select Update Item.
    • From the Other Types tab, right-click a file from the library that is not a template, and select Update Item.
    The Update Library Item dialog box opens.
  3. In the Source section, select a file to overwrite the item in your library with.
    Option Description
    URL Enter the URL to a web server where the item is stored .
    Browse Navigate to an item that is stored on your local system.
  4. (Optional) In the Destination section, change the name of the item, the description of the item, or both. Click OK.


The content of the item is updated. On the Summary tab for the item, you can view the time of the last update of the item.