vSAN network diagnostics queries the latest network metrics and compares the metrics statistics with the defined threshold values. If the value reaches above the threshold that you have set, vSAN network diagnostics raises an alarm. You must acknowledge and manually reset the triggered alarms to green after fixing the network issues.


The vSAN performance service must be turned on.


  1. Navigate to the host in the vSAN cluster.
  2. Click the Monitor tab.
  3. Under vSAN, select Performance.
  4. Select Physical Adapters, and select a NIC. Select a time range for your query. vSAN displays performance charts for the physical NIC (pNIC), including throughput, packets per second, and packets loss rate.
  5. Select Threshold settings. In the Threshold settings dialog box, enter a threshold value to receive warning and error alert.
  6. Click Save.


vSAN displays the performance statistics of all the network I/Os in use. vSAN network diagnostics result appears in the vCenter Server alerts. The redirection to the related performance charts is available in the vSAN network alerts generated by the network diagnostics service.