The state of a virtual machine that stores data on a vSAN datastore appears as noncompliant, inaccessible or orphaned because of failures in the vSAN cluster.


A virtual machine on a vSAN datastore is in one of the following states that indicate a fault in the vSAN cluster.

If an object replica is still available on another host, vSAN forwards the I/O operations of the virtual machine to the replica.


If the object of the virtual machine can no longer satisfy the requirement of the assigned VM storage policy, vSAN considers it noncompliant. For example, a host might temporarily lose connectivity. See Object States That Indicate Problems in vSAN.

If vSAN cannot locate a full replica or more than 50 percent of the votes for the object, the virtual machine becomes inaccessible. If a vSAN detects that the .vmx file is not accessible because the VM Home Namespace is corrupted, the virtual machine becomes orphaned. See Accessibility of Virtual Machines Upon a Failure in vSAN.


If the cluster contains enough resources, vSAN automatically recovers the corrupted objects if the failure is permanent.

If the cluster does not have enough resources to rebuild the corrupted objects, extend the space in the cluster. See Administering VMware vSAN.