For vSAN+ clusters that are on subscription, you can view the subscription usage using the VMC Console or view the subscribed feature list using the vCenter Server. For more information on subscription usage in the VMC Console, see "View Subscription Capacity and Usage" in the Using and Managing vSphere+ Guide.


vCenter Server must be converted to vSphere+ subscription.


  1. Navigate to your vSAN cluster.
  2. Click the Configure tab.
  3. Under Licensing & Subscription, select vSAN Cluster to view the list of features subscribed.

    After you add the vSAN+ subscription to your vSphere+ environment, the number of cores displayed is equal to the total number of physical CPU cores of each CPU on all the hosts associated with the vSAN clusters. You require a minimum of 16 core capacity per CPU. Physical CPUs with less than 16 cores per CPU are counted as 16 cores per CPU usage. To view information on vSAN+ subscription, see Considerations about the vSAN License or Subscription. For more information on the core requirements, see "Purchase Subscriptions" in the Getting Started with vSphere+ Guide.