Configure the witness appliance, so that it is reachable on the network.

By default, the appliance can automatically obtain networking parameters if your network includes a DHCP server. If not, you must configure appropriate settings.


  1. Power on your witness appliance and open its console.
    Because your appliance is an ESXi host, you see the Direct Console User Interface (DCUI).
  2. Press F2 and navigate to the Network Adapters page.
  3. On the Network Adapters page, verify that at least one vmnic is selected for transport.
  4. Configure the IPv4 parameters for the management network.
    1. Navigate to the IPv4 Configuration section and change the default DHCP setting to static.
    2. Enter the following settings:
      • IP address
      • Subnet mask
      • Default gateway
  5. Configure DNS parameters.
    • Primary DNS server
    • Alternate DNS server
    • Hostname