You can quickly reassign a new shared witness host for two-node vSAN clusters.

When you configure a two-node cluster, you can select a witness host. The witness host can be shared by up to 64 two-node clusters. You also can reassign the cluster to a different shared witness host.


  1. Right-click a two-node vSAN cluster in the vSphere Client navigator.
  2. Select menu vSAN > Assign Shared Witness.
  3. On the Reassign to another witness host dialog box, select a witness host from the drop-down menu.
  4. (optional) Click Validate Cluster Compatibility.
  5. Claim disks for the new witness host.
    If the witness host is already assigned to one or more two-node clusters, this page does not appear.
  6. Review the configuration and click Finish.


The two-node cluster is reassigned to use the selected witness host.