You can untag flash devices that are used as capacity devices, so that they are available for caching.


  1. To untag a flash device marked as capacity, run the esxcli vsan storage tag remove -d <device name> -t capacityFlash command. For example, the esxcli vsan storage tag remove -t capacityFlash -d mpx.vmhba1:C0:T4:L0 command, where mpx.vmhba1:C0:T4:L0 is the device name.
  2. Verify whether the flash device is untagged.
    1. In the output, identify whether the IsCapacityFlash attribute for the device is set to 0.

Example: Command Output

You can run the vdq -q -d <device name> command to verify the IsCapacityFlash attribute. For example, running the vdq -q -d mpx.vmhba1:C0:T4:L0 command, returns the following output.
"Name"     : "mpx.vmhba1:C0:T4:L0",
"VSANUUID" : "",
"State"    : "Eligible for use by VSAN",
"ChecksumSupport": "0",
"Reason"   : "None",
"IsSSD"    : "1",
"IsCapacityFlash": "0",
"IsPDL"    : "0",