You can disable the vSAN iSCSI target service. Disabling vSAN iSCSI target service does not delete the LUNs/Targets. If you wish to reclaim the space, delete the LUNs/targets manually before disabling vSAN iSCSI target service.


Workloads running on iSCSI LUNs are stopped when you disable the iSCSI target service. Before disabling, ensure that there are no workloads running on iSCSI LUNs.


  1. Navigate to the vSAN cluster and click Configure > vSAN > Services.
  2. On the vSAN iSCSI Target Service row, click EDIT.
    The Edit vSAN iSCSI Target Service wizard opens.
  3. Click the Enable vSAN iSCSI Target Service slider to turn it off and click Apply.


The vSAN iSCSI target service is disabled.

What to do next