You can edit and reconfigure the settings of a vSAN File Service.


  • If you are upgrading from vSAN 7.0 to 7.0 Update 1, you can create SMB and NFS Kerberos file shares. This requires configuring the Active Directory domain to vSAN File Service.
  • If there are active shares, changing the Active Directory domain is not permitted as this action can disrupt the user permissions on the active shares.
  • If your Active Directory password has been changed, then you can edit the Active Directory configuration settings and provide the new password.
    Note: This action might cause minor disruption to the inflight I/Os on the file shares.


  1. Navigate to the vSAN cluster and click Configure > vSAN > Services.
  2. On the File Service row, click Edit.
    The Configure File Service wizard opens.
  3. Make the appropriate configuration changes. You can make the following changes to the vSAN File Service configuration:
    Page Editable Fields
    You can edit the following domain-related information:
    • File service domain
    • DNS servers
    • DNS suffixes
    • Directory service

    Changing domain information is a disruptive action. It might require all clients to use new URLs to reconnect to the file shares.

    You can edit the following networking-related information:
    • Subnet mask
    • Gateway
    IP Pool You can edit the static IP addresses and DNS names, except the primary IP address and DNS name.

    After making necessary changes, review the changes in the Review page and click Finish.


The changes are applied to the vSAN File Service configuration.