You can migrate the disk groups in a hybrid vSAN cluster to all-flash disk groups.

The vSAN hybrid cluster uses magnetic disks for the capacity layer and flash devices for the cache layer. You can change the configuration of the disk groups in the cluster so that it uses flash devices on the cache layer and the capacity layer.


  • Ensure that all the vSAN policies that the cluster uses specify No preference for encryption services, space efficiency, and storage tier.
  • You must use RAID-1 (Mirroring) for Failures to tolerate until all the disk groups are converted to all-flash.


  1. Navigate to the vSAN cluster.
  2. Remove the hybrid disk groups on one of the hosts in the cluster.
    1. Click the Configure tab.
    2. Under vSAN, click Disk Management.
    3. Under Disk Groups, select the disk group to remove, click , and then click Remove.
    4. Select Full data migration as a migration mode and click Yes.
  3. Remove the physical HDD disks from the host.
  4. Add the flash devices to the host.
    Verify that no partitions exist on the flash devices.
  5. Create the all-flash disk groups on the host.
  6. Repeat the steps 2 through 5 on each host until all the hybrid disk groups are converted to the all-flash disk groups.
  7. (Optional) Enable Space efficiency in the cluster.
  8. (Optional) Modify Failures to tolerate from RAID-1 (Mirroring) to RAID-5 (Erasure Coding) or RAID-6 (Erasure Coding).