ESXi 7.0 supports FCoE storage and up to 5 node WSFC clusters.

  • ESXi 7.0 supports FCoE for Windows Server 2012 and above releases. Windows Server 2008 SP2 and earlier are not supported.
  • Cluster-across-box (CAB) and cluster-in-a-box (CIB) are supported. A mixture of CAB and CIB is not supported.
  • CAB configurations are supported with some cluster nodes on physical hosts. In a CAB configuration, a max of one virtual machine in a host can see a LUN.
  • Clustered VMDK is not supported on a datastore connected over FCoE.
  • N+1 cluster configuration, in which one ESXi host has virtual machines which are secondary nodes and one primary node is a physical box are supported.
  • Required DRS affinity (CIB) or Anti-affinity (CAB) rules for WSFC virtual machines.
  • All hosts must be running FCoE initiators. Mixed cluster nodes running FC and FCoE are not supported.
  • Mixed mode FCoE configuration is supported.