In an WSFC cluster, storage disks are shared between nodes. You set up a quorum disk and at least one shared storage disk.


  1. In the vSphere Client, select the newly created virtual machine, right-click and select Edit Settings.
  2. Click the New device drop-down menu, select SCSI Controller.
  3. In new SCSI Controller, select VMware Paravirtual and set SCSI Bus Sharing to Virtual. Click OK.
    Note: LSI SAS is supported, but VMware Paravirtual is recommended.
  4. Select the newly created virtual machine in step 1, right-click and select Edit Settings
  5. Click the New device drop-down menu, select Hard Disk.
  6. Expand New Hard disk and select the disk size required.
  7. Select a datastore for Location.
  8. Under Disk Provisioning, select Thick Provision with Eager zeroed.
  9. Select the newly created SCSI controller in step 2, for virtual device node (for example, select SCSI (1:0)).
    Note: This must be a new SCSI controller. You cannot use SCSI 0.
  10. Click OK.
    The wizard creates a new hard disk.