To provision a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster in an air-gapped environment, download the virtual machine image files and create a local content library. Import the images to the local library and associate it with the Supervisor Namespaces where you create the Tanzu Kubernetes clusters.

Use the following workflow to provision a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster in an air-gapped environment.
Step Description Instructions

Create a Local Content Library.

Create a Local Content Library for Air-Gapped Deployments

Download the OVA and OVF files from the public content delivery network (CDN).

Download Tanzu Kubernetes Release Image Files

Import the downloaded image files to the Local Content Library.

Import Tanzu Kubernetes Release Images to a Local Content Library

Associate the Local Content Library with the vSphere Namespace where you are the provisioning the Tanzu Kubernetes cluster.

Associate a vSphere Namespace with a Content Library

Provision a cluster using the virtual machine image synchronized from the Local Content Library.

Provision a Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster Using an Image Pulled from a Local Content Library