As a vSphere administrator, you associate a content library that contains VM templates with a namespace, so that the DevOps engineers can use the templates to provision stand-alone VMs in the vSphere with Tanzu environment. After you associate the library with the namespace, you can remove the library to unpublish it from the Kubernetes namespace. You can also add more libraries.

Removing a content library from a namespace does not affect VMs that were previously deployed with the library images.
Note: This procedure applies only to content libraries for VM Service. Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service content libraries must be managed from the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service pane.



  1. In the vSphere Client, go to the namespace.
    1. From the vSphere Client home menu, select Workload Management.
    2. Click the Namespaces tab and click the namespace.
  2. Add or remove a content library.
    1. On the VM Service pane, click Manage Content Library.
    2. Perform one of the following operations.
      Option Description
      Remove a content library Deselect the content library and click OK.
      Add a content library Select one or several content libraries and click OK.

What to do next

Contents of the library become available in the Kubernetes namespace as VM images and can be used by DevOps to self-service VMs. See Deploy a Virtual Machine in vSphere with Tanzu.