You can install the Octant web interface to help you visualize Tanzu Kubernetes cluster workloads, namespaces, metadata, and more.

About Octant

Octant is an open source web interface for viewing Kubernetes clusters and their applications.

You install and run Octant on the same client where you run kubectl. Installation instructions for common platforms are provided below. For more information, see the Octant site.

Once Octant is installed, to use it log in to your Tanzu Kubernetes cluster using kubectl and run the command octant.

Install Octant on Windows

Install the Chocolatey package manager for Windows PowerShell.

Run a PowerShell session as Administrator.

Install Octant using the following command:
choco install octant --confirm

Install Octant on Mac

Install the Homebrew package manager.

Install Octant with the following command:
brew install octant

Install Octant on Ubuntu

Download the .deb from the releases page.

Install using the dpkg -i command.