You can update to the latest version of vSphere with Tanzu, including the vSphere infrastructure supporting vSphere with Tanzu clusters, the Kubernetes versions, and the Kubernetes CLI Tools for vSphere on clusters that use a single vSphere Lifecycle Manager image.

You upgrade the ESXi version of the hosts in the Supervisor Cluster. During the upgrade the Spherelet VIB on every ESXi host is upgraded.

vSphere Lifecycle Manager uses DRS and puts the hosts in maintenance mode before remediation. DRS first attempts to migrate the virtual machine running vCenter Server to another host, such as VMs that are affinitized to the host or running on the local storage of the host, and workloads, including vSphere Pods to other hosts, so that the remediation succeeds.
Note: You can use vSphere Lifecycle Manager to upgrade a Supervisor Cluster only on clusters that use a single vSphere Lifecycle Manager image.


  1. From the vSphere Client menu, select Workload Management.
  2. Select the Updates tab.
  3. Select the Available Version that you want to update to.
    For example, select the version v1.17.4-vsc0.0.2-16293900.
  4. Select the Supervisor Cluster to apply the update to.
  5. To initiate the update, click Apply Updates.
  6. Use the Recent Tasks pane to monitor the status of the update.