In preparation for deploying one or more TKG Extensions, download TKG Extensions v1.3.1 Bundle from VMware.

The TKG Extensions are packaged as a separate bundle that you download from VMware.
Note: vSphere with Tanzu supports TKG Extensions v1.3.1 on vSphere 7 U2 and later.


  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your My VMware credentials.
  3. Select Product Downloads > Go to Downloads.
  4. Scroll and locate VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Extensions Manifest 1.3.1.
  5. Click Download Now to download the file tkg-extensions-manifests-v1.3.1-vmware.1.tar.gz to your local system.
  6. Copy the file tkg-extensions-manifests-v1.3.1-vmware.1.tar.gz to the computer where you run kubectl commands.
  7. Using the tar command, or the extraction tool of your choice, extract the TKG Extensions files.
    tar -xzf tkg-extensions-manifests-v1.3.1-vmware.1.tar.gz
  8. Verify the TKG Extensions files by navigating to the following file path.
    cd /tkg-extensions-v1.3.1+vmware.1/extensions

    This is the home directory for the TKG Extensions.