As a vSphere administrator, you can set the default container network interface (CNI) for Tanzu Kubernetes clusters.

Default CNI

The Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service supports two CNI options for Tanzu Kubernetes clusters: Antrea and Calico.

The system-defined default CNI is Antrea. For more information on the default CNI setting, see Configuration Parameters for the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service v1alpha1 API.

You can change the default CNI using the vSphere Client. To set the default CNI, complete the following procedure.
Caution: Changing the default CNI is a global operation. The newly set default applies to all new clusters created by the service. Existing clusters are unchanged.
  1. Log in to your vSphere with Tanzu environment using the vSphere Client.
  2. Select the vCenter cluster where Workload Management is enabled.
  3. Select the Configure tab.
  4. Select TKG Service > Default CNI.
  5. Choose the default CNI for new clusters.
  6. Click Update.

The following image shows the default CNI selection.


The following image shows changing the CNI selection from Antrea to Calico.