After you enable integrated third-party stateful services, use vSAN health and capacity monitoring capabilities to view status and analyze space usage of the service objects.


  1. In the vSphere Client, navigate to the Supervisor Cluster.
  2. Click the Monitor tab.
  3. Monitor virtual objects that run in the namespace corresponding to the enabled service.
    1. Under vSAN, click Virtual Objects.
      You can browse the virtual objects, for example, MinIO operator objects, and check their state.
    2. To view the object's placement across the physical infrastructure, select a specific object and click VIEW PLACEMENT DETAILS.
  4. Monitor capacity that the service objects use.
    1. Under vSAN, click Capacity.
    2. In the Usage breakdown pane, display your service objects under User objects.
    Usage breakdown pane shows the service objects under User objects
  5. Monitor health of your service instances.
    1. Under vSAN, select Skyline Health.
    2. Select an individual service health check to view the detailed information.
    Monitor health of service instances on the vSAN Skyline Health page