To update one or more Supervisor Clusters, including the Kubernetes version that the Supervisor Cluster is running and the infrastructure supporting Tanzu Kubernetes clusters, including the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service, you perform a vSphere Namespaces update.

There is a version entity for vSphere with Tanzu. The version entity is a semantic version string in the form v1.19.1+vmware.2-vsc0.0.8-17610687, where the prefix is the Kubernetes version (v1.19.1) and the suffix is the vSphere Namespaces version (vsc0.0.8-17610687).

The tables lists the available Supervisor Cluster releases:
Version Description
v1.19.1+vmware.2-vsc0.0.8-17610687 Most recent Supervisor Cluster release; Supports vSphere 7.0 Update 2.
v1.18.2-vsc0.0.5-16762486 Supports vSphere 7.0 Update 1.
v1.17.4-vsc0.0.5-16762486 Minimum Supervisor Cluster release that includes a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Servicethat supports the Antrea CNI.
v1.16.7-vsc0.0.5-16762486 If you are running this release, you should update it to 1.17 at a minimum.


Read the release notes before you perform a vSphere Namespaces update.

To install the necessary binaries, upgrade the vCenter Server appliance and ESXi hosts to the supported version. See Upgrading the vCenter Server Appliance in the vCenter Server documentation.

Note: When you perform a vSphere Namespaces update, all provisioned Tanzu Kubernetes clusters must be in a running state. If a Tanzu Kubernetes is in a creating or deleting state, wait until the process finishes before updating a Supervisor Cluster, otherwise might not succeed.
Note: Updating a Supervisor Cluster will likely trigger a rolling update of the Tanzu Kubernetes clusters deployed there. See Update Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters.


  1. Log in to the vCenter Server as a vSphere administrator.
  2. Select Menu > Workload Management.
  3. Select the Namespaces > Updates tab.
  4. Select the Available Version that you want to update to.
    For example, select the version v1.18.2-vsc0.0.5-16762486.
    Note: You must update incrementally. Do not skip updates, such as from 1.16 to 1.18. The path should be 1.16, 1.17, 1.18.
  5. Select one or more Supervisor Clusters to apply the update to.
  6. To initiate the update, click Apply Updates.
  7. Use the Recent Tasks pane to monitor the status of the update.