When the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service provisions a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster, several status conditions are reported that you can use to get direct insight into key aspects of machine health.

About Machine Health Conditions

A Tanzu Kubernetes cluster provisioned by the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service comprises several moving parts, all operated by independent but related controllers, working together to build and maintain a set of Kubernetes nodes. The TanzuKubernetesCluster object provides status conditions that give you with fine-grained information about machine health.

Check Machine Health

To check the health of a Tanzu Kubernetes machine:
  1. Run the command kubectl describe machine.

    If the status is ready, the machine is healthy. But, if a machine condition is false, such as InfrastructureReady, the machine is not ready.

  2. If the machine is not ready, run the following command and determine what is wrong with the infrastructure:
    kubectl describe wcpmachine

List of Machine Health Conditions

The table lists and defines the available machine health conditions for a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster.

Condition Description
ResourcePolicyReady Reports the successful creation of a Resource Policy.
ResourcePolicyCreationFailed Reported when any errors occur during ResourcePolicy creation.
ClusterNetworkReady Reports the successful provision of a Cluster Network.
ClusterNetworkProvisionStarted Reported when waiting for Cluster Network to be Ready.
ClusterNetworkProvisionFailed Reported when any errors occur during network provisioning.
LoadBalancerReady Reports the successful reconciliation of a static control plane endpoint.
LoadBalancerCreationFailed Reported when load balancer related resources creation fails.
WaitingForLoadBalancerIP Reported when waiting for load balancer IP to exist.
VMProvisioned Reports that a Virtual Machine is created, powered on and assigned an IP.
WaitingForBootstrapData Reported when a vSphereMachine is waiting for the bootstrap script to be ready before starting the provisioning process.
VMCreationFailed Reports that creating VM CRD or corresponding bootstrap ConfigMap failed.
VMProvisionStarted Reported when a virtual machine currently is in creation process.
PoweringOn Reported when a virtual machine is currently executing the power on sequence.
WaitingForNetworkAddress Reported when waiting for the machine network settings to become active.
WaitingForBIOSUUID Reported when waiting for the machine to have a BIOS UUID

Condition Fields

Each condition may contain several fields.
Type Describes the type of condition. For example, ResourcePolicyReady. For the Ready condition, it is a summary of all the other conditions.

Describes the status of the type.

States can be True, False, or Unknown.


Classification of the Reason.

Info means the reconciliation is happening.

Warning means something might wrong and retry.

Error means an error occured and manual action is required to resolve.


Provides a reason why the status is False. It can be a waiting for ready or a failure reason. Usually is thrown when the status is False.

Message Human readable information that explains the Reason.