Configure IPAM for the Controller and assign it to the Default-Cloud configuration. Currently, only the Default-Cloud configuration is supported.

IPAM is required to allocate virtual IP addresses when virtual services get created.


  1. In the Avi Controller dashboard, go to Templates > Profiles > IPAM/DNS Profiles.
  2. Click Create and select IPAM Profile from the drop-down menu.
  3. Configure the IPAM Profile.
    Option Description
    Name User-defined string, such as ipam-profile

    Select AVI Vantage IPAM

    Allocate IP in VRF Deselect this option.
  4. Click Add Usable Network and configure it.
    Option Description
    Cloud for Usable Network Default-Cloud
    Usable Network Select the Virtual IP network that you configured.
  5. Click Save.
    The ipam-profile listed in the IPAM/DNS Profiles page.
  6. Assign the IPAM to the Default-Cloud configuration.
    1. Go to Infrastructure > Cloud.
    2. Edit the Default-Cloud configuration:
      IPAM Profile: ipam-profile
    3. Leave all the other values as the default.
    4. Click Save.