Consider these best practices when you configure a vSphere cluster as a Supervisor Cluster using NSX.

  • Use vSAN datastore for the NSX Edges.
  • If you use a vSAN datastore, ensure that the vSAN environment is properly sized for the workloads. The vSAN setup requires more memory as the kernel memory is used for vSAN. This reduces the memory available to the NSX Edge VMs. Use the vSAN calculator for appropriate sizing. For more information, see vSAN ReadyNode Sizer.
  • If you use NFS datastore, verify that it is shared across all hosts in the cluster. Create a unique NFS datastore for each NSX Edge node.
  • Configure a dedicated resource pool for each NSX Edge cluster. Do not share the resource pool with other VMs.
  • When you configure ESXi host overlay, use VLANs in the range 1-4094.
  • When you configure Edge overlay, use VLANs in the range 1-4094.