If the NSX-T Management certificate, thumbprint or IP address changes after you have installed vSphere with Tanzu, you must restart the WCP service.

Restart the vSphere with Tanzu Service If the NSX-T Certificate Changes

Currently, vSphere with Tanzu requires that if the NSX-T certificate or thumbprint, or if the NSX-T IP address changes, you must restart the WCP service for the change to take effect. If either change occurs without a restart of the service, communication between vSphere with Tanzu and NSX-T fails and certain symptoms can arise, such as NCP entering into CrashLoopBackoff stage or Supervisor Cluster resources becoming undeployable.

To restart the WCP service, use the vmon-cli.
  1. SSH to the vCenter Server and log in as the root user.
  2. Run the command shell.
  3. Run the command vmon-cli -h to view usage syntax and options.
  4. Run the command vmon-cli -l to view the wcp process.

    You see the wcp service at the bottom of the list.

  5. Run the command vmon-cli --restart wcp to restart the wcp service.

    You see the message Completed Restart service request.

  6. Run the command vmon-cli -s wcp and verify that the wcp service is started.
    For example:
    root@localhost [ ~ ]# vmon-cli -s wcp
    Name: wcp
    Starttype: AUTOMATIC
    RunState: STARTED
    RunAsUser: root
    CurrentRunStateDuration(ms): 22158
    HealthState: HEALTHY
    FailStop: N/A
    MainProcessId: 34372