The vSphere CNS-CSI driver that runs in the Supervisor Cluster and pvCSI driver, the CSI version modified for Tanzu Kubernetes clusters, support multiple vSphere and Kubernetes storage features. However, certain limitations apply.

Supported Functionality vSphere CNS-CSI with Supervisor Cluster pvCSI with Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster
CNS Support in the vSphere Client Yes Yes
Enhanced Object Health in the vSphere Client Yes (vSAN only) Yes (vSAN only)
Dynamic Block Persistent Volume (ReadWriteOnce Access Mode) Yes Yes
Dynamic File Persistent Volume (ReadWriteMany Access Mode) No Yes (with vSAN File Services)
vSphere Datastore VMFS/NFS/vSAN/vVols VMFS/NFS/vSAN/vVols
Static Persistent Volume Yes Yes
Encryption No No
Offline Volume Expansion Yes Yes
Online Volume Expansion Yes Yes
Volume Topology and Zones No No
Kubernetes Multiple Control Plane Instances Yes Yes
WaitForFirstConsumer No No
VolumeHealth Yes Yes