To provision a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster in an air-gapped environment, begin by downloading the OVA and OVF files from the public content delivery network (CDN).


  1. Using a browser, navigate to the following URL:
  2. Click the directory for the image you want. Typically this directory is the latest or most recent version of the Kubernetes distribution.
    For example:
    Note: The distribution name is needed later when you import the files to the Local Content Library, so you might want to copy it to a file or keep the browser open until you complete the procedure.
  3. For each of the following files, right-click and select Save link as.
    • photon-ova.ovf
    • photon-ova-disk1.vmdk
  4. Verify that each file successfully downloads to your local file system.

What to do next

Create a Local Content Library.