You can monitor and manage different aspects of a vSphere Namespace, such as resource consumption for the namespace as well as the number of different Kubernetes objects that exist in a namespace and they states.


Create and Configure a vSphere Namespace.


  1. Log in to the vCenter Server using the vSphere Client.
  2. Navigate to the Menu > Hosts and Clusters view.
  3. Select the vCenter Cluster where you have enabled Workload Management.
  4. Select the Namespaces resource pool and expand its contents.
    The Supervisor Cluster control plane nodes are located in the Namespaces resource pool. In addition, each vSphere Namespace that is created for this Supervisor Cluster is located in the Namespaces resource pool.
  5. Select the vSphere Namespace object, which is represented as a window icon.
    In the Summary tab you see the various configuration sections for the vSphere Namespace, including Status, Permissions, Storage, Capacity and Usage, and Tanzu Kubernetes. From this screen you can manage any of these settings. The Summary tab of the vSphere Namespace object.