Storage policies that a vSphere administrator assigns to a namespace in a Supervisor Cluster control how persistent volumes and Tanzu Kubernetes cluster nodes are placed within vSphere datastores. The persistent volume claims that correspond to persistent volumes can originate from a vSphere Pod or from a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster. You can change the original storage policy assignments.


Before deleting a storage policy from VMware vCenter or a vSphere Namespace, or changing the storage policy assignment, make sure that no persistent volume claim with the corresponding storage class runs in the namespace. Also, ensure that no Tanzu Kubernetes cluster is using the storage class.


  1. In the vSphere Client, navigate to the namespace.
    1. From the vSphere Client home menu, select Workload Management.
    2. Click the Namespaces tab and click the namespace.
  2. Click the Storage tab and click Storage Policies.
  3. Click the Edit icon to change storage policy assignments.