A default gateway enables the Service Engine to route traffic to the pool servers on the Workload Network. You must configure the Data Network gateway IP as the default gateway. The Service Engines do not get the default gateway IP from DHCP on the Data Networks. You must configure static routes so that the Service Engines can route traffic to the Workload Networks and Client IP correctly.


  1. In the NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller dashboard, select Infrastructure > Cloud Resources > VRF Context.
  2. Click Create..
  3. In the General settings, enter a name for the routing context.
  4. In the Static Route section, click ADD.
  5. In Gateway Subnet, enter
  6. In Next Hop, enter the gateway IP address for the Data network.
    For example,
  7. (Optional) Select BGP Peering to configure BGP local and peer details.
    For more information, see the Avi documentation.
  8. Click Save.