To configure vSphere with Tanzu on a vSphere cluster that is managed by vSphere Lifecycle Manager, your environment must meet specific requirements.

System Requirements

To enable vSphere with Tanzu, verify that the components on the vSphere cluster meet the following requirements:
  • Verify that vCenter Server and ESXi are of version 7.0 Update 2 if you use NSX-T Data Center.
  • Verify that vCenter Server and ESXi are of at least version 7.0 Update 1 if you use vSphere Networking.
  • Verify that all ESXi hosts that you want to use as part of a Supervisor Cluster are assigned a VMware vSphere 7 Enterprise Plus with Add-on for Kubernetes license.
  • Verify that HA and DRS are enabled on the vSphere cluster.
  • Verify that vSphere Distributed Switch version 7.0 Update 2 is configured.
  • Verify that vSphere Networking or NSX-T Data Center 3.1 or a later version is configured on the cluster. You cannot use vSphere Lifecycle Manager image to manage a cluster that is configured with earlier versions of NSX-T Data Center.